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Needs are changing

Like all things we keep changing and our needs can change too. What the flavor of today can become passe quite fast.

What new things have I yet to do, try. This year is just beginning and I have to be ready..for the best year of my life Smile

New Thing that I tried and is yum, Egg Nog with whiskey, a good Egg Nog ..Oh and a good Whiskey Winking smile


Welcome to 2011 the year of the Tiger, well at least until February Smile

I hope this year I can do more of what I only dream about, or even think about doing, seeing or just taking part in.

I hope to write down what I do and have an account for myself to look at to remember, and also by starting this blog, it might encourage me to go beyond the thinking and go to the doing..

Not to mention I just love keeping a Journal, at least I think I do, I don’t journal all the time , but it seems like fun. I did a blog for my walk in Spain “The Camino” 2 years ago, and although very few….? people followed it I thought I did a great job. Later when reading it at home I felt I could have written more, but thinking back , I was on computers in cafes and you had to pay by the hour etc,, and time tends to fly very fast when typing. And I think I almost had to write stuff down beforehand so to be ready to type up all my minutes.

Anyhow’s if anyone wants to take a look it’s at 

Back to this Blog now, well today I baked something new.

“Apple Handowdy” very like Apple Sponge. It was very easy to make and tastes pretty good too. It was on last nights episodes of “Two Fat Ladies” on the cooking channel. A really new program for me anyhow (1 more thing new this year!), it’s years old, import from England. I like it but not sure about the food they cook just yet?

Apple Pandowdy

That’s all for today as have a lot to do this evening.

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